Useful tips

Make soon a list with all the things to be done in view of the move.

First of all, separate the things you do not need, throw away or offer the clothes you do not wear or your children’s old toys.

Take boxes in different sizes as well as sticky tapes, buy paperboards for partitions and use papers (such as newspapers or wrapping paper) to pack your fragile items inside the boxes.

Mark the boxes that contain essential items so that you have all your necessary items, such as clothes, pajamas, towels, sheets, blankets and toiletries available and easily find what you need.

Prefer to pack all the things contained in each room before getting to the next one and mark the room in which you want the box to be placed, as well as the exact contents of the box for your own convenience during opening.

Places such as the warehouse or the loft can be packed weeks before moving, as well as the clothes for other seasons.

As regards your pets, Vasiladiotis transportation company may suggest you guesthouses for small animals with experienced and capable personnel for the safety and care of your little friends while you will be busy with your house moving (guesthouse for small animals

Finally, do not forget that Vasiladiotis transportation company disposes of experienced personnel at your place that can undertake the above-mentioned moving works.